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Management Rights
Overview Management Rights Agreement
Management Rights Valuation Method Legislation - Management Rights Letting Income Sources
Manager's Salary Income Tax Consideration Contract Requirements Summary Seminars
  1. Your only true guarantee in successfully operating Management Rights is your own performance, and it is paramount in being able to handle the personalities of owners and tenants.
  2. It is very important in continually building up repeat business, as well as referral business. This can only be achieved by the performance and personality of the managers.
  3. To successfully operate this business, it is important, after the necessary training to be able to comply with the trust and licensing requirements.
  4. It is also important to have a good knowledge of the various Acts of parliament. This knowledge can be acquired over a period of time.
  5. As far as capital gain goes, this is usually assured by:
    • Increase in value of the Real Estate.
    • Increase in Tariffs and Commissions.
    • Increase in Body Corporate Salary.
  6. Management Rights can be described as a "Home with an Income" and most definitely offers capital growth to managers who operate the business with that in mind. Our Management Rights Division Staff are fully experienced professionals, and have a full understanding of all related functions within the sphere of Management Rights and its operation.

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