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Management Rights
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Management Rights is the business of on-site caretaking and letting of units or townhouse complexes. When developers build units or townhouse complexes of a reasonable size, it makes sense for the developer to provide in the development for the long term caretaking of the common property (like the gardens and the pool) and for there to be an on site letting service for owners who might want to let their property.
These arrangements are called Management Rights.


It makes sense for the developer to create Management Rights because they then have an asset to sell, sometimes for quite substantial sums. Management Rights offers a guaranteed income to anyone with the ability to communicate with people. Our team of specialists in Property Pacific Real Estate offer a quality service of total support to assist you to settle in, and also obtain a Resident Letting Agents Licence to conduct a Letting Business and Trust Account. We also will guide you with legal requirements of the relevant government authorities.

To enable us to be of service to you, we will need to know the following details:

  1. Because there are only a limited number of Management Rights with three bedroom accommodation, we will need to know the number of people living with you.
  2. The amount of cash you will be able to commit to the purchase of Management Rights.
  3. If you have additional income from other areas to assist you in planning your capability to repay borrowed capital (in addition to the income from Management Rights).
  4. Your plans as to when you could make funds available to settle.
  5. Your preferences towards a holiday letting complex or a permanent letting complex should be decided. Also, it's important that we know if your preference is a river or canal complex, a beachfront position, or maybe a complex for garden enthusiasts.

It would be desirable to forward us further information so that we can recommend a suitable list of Management Rights in your price bracket and to your desired requirements. We are only too pleased to be of assistance to you, and as qualified Management Rights Sales Specialists, we will most certainly be able to service your requirements.

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