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Management Rights
Overview Management Rights Agreement
Management Rights Valuation Method Legislation - Management Rights Letting Income Sources
Manager's Salary Income Tax Consideration Contract Requirements Summary Seminars
Income Sources
  1. Body Corporate salary for management and supervision, etc.
  2. Funds are made available for gardening, pool cleaning and all maintenance tasks.
  3. Letting of Home Units:
    • 12% Commission for Holiday Units
    • 5% Commission for Permanent Letting
    • 1.5% Management Fee (negotiable)
  4. Fees for maid service and unit cleaning
  5. Commission from tours and bookings to tourist attractions
  6. Hiring - such as cots, beds, TV, videos, etc.
  7. Telephone (PABX) charges
  8. Repairs, maintenance, etc for owners
  9. Linen hire
  10. Providing facilities for tourists, such as hire cars, etc.
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