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A Brief Profile of Property Pacific Real Estate


Property Pacific Real Estate was established in 1996 to service the increasing demands of the Management Rights and Resorts industry.

At all times since then, the agency has been staffed by ex building and resort managers who have the experience and expertise to satisfy all the needs of our clients who pass through the doors.

Also during that time, the agency has presented and sold management rights and resorts only.  No houses, land, units or other commercial property have been sold from this agency and because of this, we can say we are Management Rights and Resort Specialists.

Over a lengthy period of time, Property Pacific has established a reputation as being one of the leaders in the field of Management Rights and Resort sales and still holds the record for the top price paid for a Management Rights in Queensland.

We have agents based throughout Queensland from the Gold Coast, through Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and North Queensland.

Property Pacific has always been known for good service to both intending purchasers and managers, and we boast the best after sales support service in the industry, helping managers after they have settled in a property.  We may not be the biggest company in the industry, but there is no company that offers more knowledge, integrity and resourcefulness than Property Pacific Real Estate.

Please read comments from some of our satisfied clients.


Property Pacific Real Estate
5 Markeri Street, Mermaid Beach  Queensland  4218
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