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What we pay for and what we pay for when we buy a property  yas acre

Option one: to invest in real estate

What we pay for and what we pay for when we buy a propertyThat is, give the money to the developer before the house is built. If you do this at the excavation stage, or even before construction work begins, you can save up to 30% of the cost.

By the way, it is even profitable for the developer - as a rule, he still does not have his own money, which means that they will have to borrow from either the bank or the buyer.

The second is preferable: with such a creditor you can take your time. By the way, some developers were careless to borrow dollars from banks, and now they have to raise the price of a square meter because of the hryvnia fall. So, it is doubly profitable to "re-lend" from the buyer.

Now about the risks. The house may not be built. Fortunately, lately there are fewer and fewer such stories, but the developers are dragging the houses into operation with enviable regularity. Either build not what they promised: change the area of the apartment and the layout, or just do their job badly. By the way, the investment contract may also provide for an increase in the value of the object. On a unilateral basis.

So putting money in the bank for the duration of construction may be more profitable than taking it to the builders.

Option two: shares, installments and loans

What we pay for and what we pay for when we buy a propertyHere the situation is better, if the developer is in urgent need of living money - he can give part of the apartments at cost or even a little cheaper. This is rare, but it can be lucky - such precedents have happened even in the business segment. The probability of a "miracle" at the beginning of the year is even increasing: today in the capital's real estate market, more than 50 complexes are flirting with clients through a variety of actions.

Where in summer 3% were less than in full payment - today up to 5% are traded. And in the houses that ansam abu dhabi will be put into operation only in 2014, generously discounted as much as 10%.

Only the same apartments fall under the share as in summer, only the price of them has already managed to grow by those very few points. Installments from the developer is also an interesting offer, but it is not always interest-free, not always in the hryvnia, and naturally the sales department will try to reserve the right to revise the cost of the apartment.

The simplest example: of 75 thousand full American dollars you paid a third, and the rest you give within a year. If the al hadeel abu dhabi price of a "square" grows by 10% during this time (which is quite real), it means that you will have to pay about $5000 more.

I would not count on a mortgage either. The so-called "CreditMarket Mortgage Index", which reflects the average level of effective rates on loans for the purchase of apartments in the secondary market (if simple - how much will actually have to pay per annum) in early December was 28.64%!

You can certainly take part in a government program, but in fact, more chances to win an apartment in the lottery - for the news of 2012 for all housing programs funded the purchase of only 4009 apartments.

That is why last year up to 60% of transactions in the primary market took place using various forms of installments from developers.


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