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The most expensive real estate in Russia yas acres 

Residence in a Belgian village

The most expensive house in Russia, which is in the leading position of the most expensive real estate in the country. It costs 11,608 billion rubles (approximately $165 million). It is located near the Kaluga highway in the cottage settlement of class de Luxe. The area of the main house is 555 sq. m., guest room – 55 sqm, separate room with garage staff – 155 sq. m. Internal fixation was done by Italian masters. The house has finishes of the highest level – the stained glass Windows, antique furniture, art parquet, system "smart house", etc.
Residence in a Belgian village yas acres

House in the village "the Gardens Meyendorff"

The most expensive house on the ruble yas acres in the village of Odintsovo. The site area is 1.1 ha and the area of the house is 3.3 thousand sq. m. the Style of the mansion of the French, the facade is made in white color with elements of Golden decoration. Inside there are many items of crystal and stucco. To buy the most expensive house for 5,223 billion.

Villa Arbat

The most expensive apartment in Russia, the cost of which according to the company "Blackwood" is 4,19 billion. Located in Krivoarbatsky lane in the form of a detached building of three floors. Total area of 3715 sq. m. Despite the fact that the building looks like a mansion, it is implemented as a single apartment in its full status. Designing it has been the company "A-Store Estates" project Dominic Arenaria (the famous French architect) in neoclassical style. On the ground floor is a lounge and a lounge for receptions and family celebrations, the second – a comfortable area for guests, the third – personal apartments. The walls of all rooms are covered with natural silk, and the trim is made of natural mahogany and ebony, marble and gilded bronze.

Villa Arbat yas acres

Penthouse "the Residence" in the "House on Mosfilmovskaya"

This is the most expensive mamsha al saadiyat real estate not only in Moscow but also in Europe. It consists of three levels with an area of 2 thousand sq. m., 10 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms (4 of 4 joint and separate), four balconies, personal Elevator, garage for 6 cars, large indoor pool and a separate entrance. White columns, monolithic finish and near metro station. The price tag on this luxury penthouse reaches 3.2 billion.

Penthouse in six-storey building on Mytninskaya embankment

The most expensive apartment in St. Petersburg, worth RUB 1.05 billion Overhaul of the house was conducted in 1986 and the premises offer a convenient system of "smart house". At such a great price tag primarily affect great views of the sights in the Hermitage Museum, the Admiralty, St. Isaac's Cathedral and Neva river Delta.


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