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The economic essence of property types mamsha al saadiyat

Among the main elements of a market economy occupies a special place estate, which acts as the means of production - it can be:

  • earth
  • administrative, manufacturing, warehouse, commercial and other buildings and premises,
  • the construction of the subject or object of consumption (land, houses, villas, apartments, garages).

  • The distinctive economic characteristics of real estate include the following:

  • rare (no identical real estate),
  • the cost of adjacent land, buildings,
  • territorial characteristics (territorial changes of preferences can increase or decrease the value of the types property even without physical changes),
  • purpose, which usually without significant cost mamsha al saadiyat may not be changed.

Unit types of real estate depending on the nature of the use and origin

Classification of the new standard mamsha al saadiyatFrom the foregoing, it is understood that the property is distributed in three main types: land, housing and non-residential premises. Depending on the nature of types of property are allocated to be used:

  • for housing (houses, cottages, flats, villas),
  • for commercial activities (hotels, office buildings, shops,etc.)
  • for production purposes (warehouses, factories,etc.)
  • for agricultural purposes (farms, orchards, vegetable gardens,etc.)
  • for special purposes (schools, churches, hospitals, kindergartens, etc.).
  • Property types also vary according to their origin:

created by nature without human labor,

are the result of human labor,

created by human, but associated with the natural basis so that the isolation function can't.

So, the estate includes the most valuable and universally significant assets. And these types of properties, like land and mineral resources have a huge economic and strategic importance for any state.

Property in any political system is subject to economic and state interests, and therefore for this category of property is mandatory state registration of rights to it, which allows to identify the object and subject of law, because the relationship between the property and the rights it invisible, and the property transfer by the physical movement impossible.

The definition of the major types of real estate as in other countries, and in Russia, has major differences and is basically the same. The distinctive features of the real estate in the world, is its inextricable link with the earth. Out of touch with the land types of properties lose their regular assignment.

Oddly enough, the property law also include ships and aircraft and space objects such as satellites. This is due to the complex registration procedure for such equipment. But the special trees from nurseries and homes, intended for demolition, the real estate is not.

But few of us are faced with the need to buy or rent a satellite. So for most people, real estate is land, housing and non-residential premises.

Functions, origin, willingness

The first classification distinguishes property according to its characteristics. According to her, the property varies شقق للبيع في ابوظبي according to the functions, origin and ready for use.

On a functional purpose property is divided into land plots, natural systems (parks, gardens), homes, buildings designed for commercial purposes (offices, shopping centers, hotels), private residential buildings (villas, cottages, country houses with land plots), as well as industrial facilities (factories, car parks, warehouses).

Functions, origin, willingness ??? ????? ?? ??????

Origin includes such property types as tracts of land, plots, housing complexes, apartment buildings, apartments and rooms in apartment buildings, individual houses, complexes, office buildings and commercial buildings.

And in readiness for operation, there are three types of objects: ready, in need of renovation and under construction.


Classification of the new standard of the Russian society of appraisers easier. She distinguishes between two kinds of real estate – specialized and non-specialized.

The first type of real estate includes objects, which because of their design features are very limited – for example, Church, school, pump station or boiler room. Such buildings rarely offered for sale, as they can be used only at the original destination.

The second group includes all other objects that you can use for various purposes. They are in constant demand on the open market.



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