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 The concept of commercial property yas acres

The concept of commercial real estate includes: office space (including open plan offices and offices closed), shops, restaurants, cafes, shopping centers, warehouses, industrial premises, plants, property complexes, construction sites and so on.

Today, commercial real estate is much more attractive for investment purposes than residential. Commercial property is acquired for different purposes: for delivery of premises in rent, renovation and resale, to run your own business.

In any case, commercial property is marketable and profitable asset to the search which should be treated as seriously as buying a home. How to choose commercial real estate, what are some common errors to avoid.

Buying commercial property as a source of income, the potential owner needs to put in the forefront the concept of this commercial property. That's right-a certain concept will help you to choose a commercial property and get maximum profit.

Different types of businesses, obviously, apply to commercial properties have different requirements that what is good for the restaurant may not be suitable for office or retail space. Well, the assessment of the compliance of the premises with the proposed concept consists of many parameters – from the location and condition of similar business in the County yas acres to the technical state of commercial real estate and communications. And if the entrepreneur is a novice in this area, without a commercial property consultant here is not to do.

concept of commercial real estate yas acres

The most simple and straightforward is the purchase of office space, most complex, and at the same time profitable retail space. However, their profitability is gradually starting to move away from the super-profitable. The era of super-profits on the commercial real estate market is gradually disappearing. 

By 2008-2009, the average yield from commercial real estate will approach Ukraine to the European average, respectively, will decrease and rates. The peak yield, which began in 2004-2005, going now no. However, this does mean that investing in commercial real estate is now not profitable – just to receive it will have to exert more effort.

The fact that a few years ago a shortage of commercial real estate in all segments of the market were so great that on such "trifles" as a concept developer didn't have to think, however, your profit received properly. Now to achieve the same results, it's necessary to think a lot more of that rather well – if we still want to get closer to the European level.

The choice of object of commercial real estate

The most important question that should clarify to buying commercial real estate, income and risks. Moreover, to predict will be in 2-3 years ahead because, according to statistics, the year is spent on full clearance of the property, the second – on construction and repair work on the development of business.

Even many experts can't give a clear answer to the question of how to predict risk and profitability in commercial real estate because you need to consider too many unstable factors: the dollar price of oil and natural gas, macro - and microeconomic situation, etc. If to formulate briefly, there are 3 main options for the provision of return of the purchased business, and the choice of a particular variant commercial real estate depends on the room and its expert evaluation.

Method 1 – upgrading commercial property when the current business does not change. For example, the owner, buying office class, upgrade it to class A.

Method 2 – conversion of commercial real estate in which the owner completely changes the profile of the purchased premises, for example, instead of store opens a bar or a fitness centre.

Method 3 – business "from scratch", in which the owner builds or fully room for further organization in this business, for example, by transfer to non-residential premises with the further delivery of its lease for a store or Barber shop.

Buying commercial real estate

The process of buying commercial real estate is divided into two stages: the transfer of premises in the property by the registration of the contract of purchase and sale with the owner and execution of contracts for the provision of public services. For the contract of sale commercial property seller will need a standard set of documents of BTI, documents of title and documents of the seller and the buyer. A list of documents is quite extensive and depends on the specific situation

If all the documents on a commercial property in the hands of the seller, the first stage of the process of registration of premises in the property passes quickly. However, in practice often there are cases when the seller of commercial property do not want to spend money and time on bringing order to your documentation, then the buyer or the realtor have to first do it on behalf of the owner. Bring the documents in order can take up to six months.

Buying commercial yas acres

The very design of commercial real estate property takes from one to three months. Currently, in some cases together with the purchase of premises required in the territorial divisions "Kievzema" place to rent and the land on which the premises are located (which is also an expensive and slow process, and after the registration of the lease the tenant will have to annually pay the relevant taxes.

If the parcel on which the commercial real estate permanent land use under property complex or business center, re-register the certificate of permanent land use "Kievzeme" or other local organizations for land management.

But the most time-consuming and expensive process begins after the purchase of commercial real estate. We are talking about what you will need to negotiate public service facilities شقق للبيع في ابوظبي such monopolists of the market as "Kyivenergo", "Kyivvodocanal", etc.

As practice shows, the most problematic is the coordination of technical conditions for the supply of commercial real estate. And, probably, for anybody not a secret that in addition to the official payments you will likely have to face and to the semi-informal (which reach up to 30% of the cost of the entire project)



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