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Welcome to Property Pacific, the
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Looking for a unique Australian Business Opportunity for Sale?

We match vendors with buyers for the exclusive rights to caretaker services/letting of condominiums, resorts and residential estates.  We assist stakeholders to negotiate the milestones that lead to a smoother changeover in that viable business which is known as - Management Rights .. and we continue to support you.

We have an extensive list of business opportunities for sale in Queensland and New South Wales in the form of property management rights.

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We assist vendors with:
  • efficiently securing buyers for their businesses;

  • promoting their small business for sale in Queensland and New South Wales internationally;

  • a low-cost professional, personalised service that renders excellent results.

Contact Details:
5 Markeri Street, Mermaid Beach
Queensland  4218
Ph: 5572 0255    Fax: 5572 8352
(International dial: +61 7  STD: 07)
Investors looking for a business opportunity for sale in Queensland or New South Wales, please browse through our listings for sale or read what our Clients say about us.

Buyer benefits include:

  • a comprehensive range of small businesses for sale in Queensland and New South Wales;

  • specialist assistance in searching for a business opportunity tailored to your investment requirements;

  • on-going support from our very experienced and caring team;

  • a "home with an income".

Strong returns from a wide selection of properties make property management rights an excellent lifestyle investment opportunity.
If you are interested in finding a small business for sale in Queensland or New South Wales, or you have an Australian business for sale in management rights, resorts, motels, bed & breakfasts etc, contact us today for a friendly, results orientated management rights broking service.


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